The Art4Agriculture aims to reconnect consumers with the people who produce their food and fibre by celebrating the pivotal role Australian farmer’s play in feeding and clothing the world. Art4Agriculture is a five part program made up of the Archibull Prize, Young Farming Champions, and Cream of the Crop Competition, Young Eco Champions and the Confidence to Grow initiative.

Art4Agriculture Chat

This blog shares Art4Agriculture’s journey to share stories and improve the understanding of modern farming practices so urban and rural communities can work together to ensure the health, wealth and happiness of all Australians.

Australian Farm Institute

The Ag Forum is a chat room for discussion of current issues in Australian and international agriculture policy. It is a great way to keep up to date, as well as have your say and connect with other farmers.

Clover Hill Dairies Diary

  • This blog shares farming stories from Clover Hill Dairies. What you will discover however is that farming today is so much more that growing food and fibre.


Mark is a husband, father, shepherd to a flock of Dorpers, and manager of his family’s cropping business in central NSW. He was the recipient of the 2012 Nuffield Scholarship, and shares his thoughts on his ambition for more efficient agricultural production systems and supply chains through his blog.

Annaburroo Station

Annaburroo Station is a Top End Cattle Station located on the beautiful Mary River Floodplains Northern Territory. This blog shares stories from life on the property, as well as current farming issues.

Bessie at Burragan

Bess is a journalist and a farmer’s wife living and working on a sheep property in far-western NSW. When she’s not out in the paddock helping with sheep work, she likes to write, keep up with global issues, and uncover the strange secrets of our beautiful bush landscape.

Boxgum Grazing

Boxgum grazing is a family owned farming business passionate about land management, regenerative agriculture, local employment and producing high quality affordable food.

Bredbo Valley View Farm

Sustainable, Ethical and Local – Valley View Farm is a small family farm featuring a rustic old tumbled down cottage on the plains of the Southern Tablelands, filled with animals both big and small.

Bush Babe of Oz

Life in the Aussie Bush – it’s not for the faint hearted. Bush babe is a mother of two, a wife and a mad-keen happy snapper, writing her bush blog to document this life for her kids and web visitors from the around the world.

The Bush Blog

Nicole Alexander is a writer and fourth generation grazier working on her family property which is located 110 km north west of Moree and 100 km west of Goondiwindi near the NSW QLD border. She blogs regularly on all things rural, writerly and more.


A blog for rural women who want to be informed, inspired and instyle.

Cattle Country Tales

Justin Matthews, like many other primary industry producers, was spurred on to create a blog after watching a program on ABC’s Landline and participating in a twitter conversation with fellow Agvocates. He is the son of a beef and horse producing family, currently studying at University to further his overall goal of returning to the land.

Cattle, Kids & Chaos

A family of 6, working hard on a rough little block, trying to breed some good cattle and raise some happy kids.

A Country Mum

A blog about the highs and lows of motherhood and living on the land. Real, down to earth posts that aren’t sugar coated or stretched from the truth.

Daylesford Organics

A Certified Organic mixed family farm in Daylesford Victoria focussing on sustainability and biodiversity, with orchards, market gardens and chickens.

Delford Farm

Farming in paradise, surrounded by the lush, tropical Daintree Rainforest – beef cattle and goats are their mainstay.

Farms and Fire Fighting

A blog by Vivien Thompson about her two great passions, firefighting and farming, and a space to share experiences and learnings.

The Farm Gate

John, daughter Katie and son-in-law Beau are third and fourth-generation farmers based in Nashdale, in the central-west district known as ‘the food basket of NSW’. For over 10 years they have sold their superior produce direct to loyal customers at markets across Sydney. The team’s principles are simple: grow, sell and educate.

The Farmer’s Wife

A city girl’s take on life in the bush. Wife and Mother, Secondary English teacher when she is not on leave, community supporter, activist, city girl in country clothes. Happy to tell you the truth as she knows it.

Farmer Has a Wife – City Girl in a Country World

A fresh take on farming, food and family. This blog was started to share the ups and downs of being married to a vegetable farmer, and now focuses on sharing the stories of the people Alice meets through her work as a journalist, in particular some of Australia’s leading food producers.

The Farming Game

Going to school in Sydney showed Martin that there is a lot of misinformation about Australian Agriculture in the general public so he created this blog to give an insight into the real world of farming and the real lives of farmers, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. This is about real world farming with broad acre cropping and life on a cattle station.

The Farmer’s Larder

The Farmer’s Larder aim is simple: Grow food that tastes great. They LOVE great tasting food, and they want you to love it too. They raise their animals using Clean, Smart and Free Range principles.  The animals roam free across the paddocks, eating grass and 100% natural feed on their property in Victoria.

Farmers Way of Life

Michael is a farmer in Geraldton, WA and runs his blog in an attempt to spread the word of Agriculture through his own experiences. Inspired by Advocates for Agriculture and their story on ABC’s Landline in 2011.

Farmers Wife in Training

Stories about life on a farm from a young woman who has lived and travelled around the world. Spending all her spare time in the country with her boyfriend on his families Merino sheep farm, she blogs to share some of the experiences that she has had as a city girl in the country.

The Farmer’s Wife

As the name of the blog suggests, Donna is a farmer’s wife. Donna and her husband have 3 children and are grain producers from the Riverina district of NSW. Her blog includes stories of farming and family life.

Farmer’s Wifey

Michelle is a farmer wife, mother of 3 and lives on a 75 acre farm. She blogs about farming, family and life.

Fat Happy Cows Blog

Living in rural QLD, Michelle is passionate about education, business and getting the best out of life. She blogs about those topics and more, mostly about the country.

Fiona Lake Blog

Fiona has travelled to some of the largest Australian outback cattle stations capturing photos of life on the land. Her website includes photo’s books and information.

Fleur McDonald Blog

Fleur McDonald is one of Australia’s leading female rural literature authors, with her books becoming best sellers almost as quickly as they hit the shelves. She has also been touted as one of Australia’s favourite storytellers. From wrangling ewes to marking mobs of lambs, Fleur never knows where the inspiration for her next novel will come from – but you can rest assured, it often comes from experiences she’s had firsthand.

From the Saddle – Photo Blog

A look in to life on a Central Queensland Cattle Station through regular photos.

From the Verandah

The “Mystery Park” verandah – a great place to view some of the happenings of a proud, hardworking, spirited Australian family of eight. They invite you to share their evolving story, share where they are now and where they are heading.

The Goodrock Park Blog

A blog detailing the journey of building a sustainable, community focussed, mixed farming enterprise and teaching venture. The long-term vision is an attempt to build a mixed farming enterprise out of “low class grazing land” that will be specialising in land regeneration, sustainable practices and natural farming systems. It is hoped that this will become the basis of a small teaching farm.

Jillaroo Jess

When Jess started her blog she was living in a small country town in Queensland. She was originally in denial after being dragged in to the country life by her parents at age 16, but now immerses herself into everything horsey and country! She now lives in the Pilbara and blogs about her adventures.

Johnstone’s Kitchen Gardens

Tim and Liz Johnstone have been farming since May 2010 and supplying Quay Restaurant since September 2011 and supply organic fruit, vegetable and herbs to the markets and restaurants. Growing using organic methods, the focus of the farm is on building healthy soil for healthy and tastier plants. The use of greenhouses, micro climates and other innovative growing techniques ensures Johnstone’s Kitchen Gardens are able to supply most fresh herb, vegetable and garnish needs year round.

Jonai Farm

Jonai Farm is a blog detailing stories of modern ethical and biological farming practices. Read here about how they used social media to crowd fund the building of a butcher shop on their farm.

Kids, Cattle and Mobile Phones

A 7th Generation in the Australian Cattle Industry and grew up on a cattle station in North Queensland. Husband and wife team run a Livestock Agency (hence the reference to mobile phones) as well as a small hobby farm with our two young children.

KT’s Farm Life

KT’s Farm Life was inspired by her love of farm life and the ambition to enrich the lives of her urban counterparts. It endeavours to act as a resource of information to all things that occur ‘down on the farm’, and foster a greater understanding of day to day life.


A blog about a smallholder, hobby/urban farm.

Melons Cause Insomnia

This blog acts as a little window into work life on a watermelon and cattle farm on the Western Downs in Queensland. The motivation for this has been mainly derived from conversations over the years with people from the large cities around Australia and the world.

The Milk Maid Marian

A blog about the day to day life of an Australian dairy farmer in Gippsland, Victoria.


Milkwood is a crew of doers and makers, dedicated to skills for smart, simple, regenerative living. They share practical skills and knowledge through short courses held in both Sydney and nearby farms, and free online resources and how-to’s.


A grain farm located between Walgett and Collarenebri on the North Western Plains of New South Wales, Australia.  Owned and operated by brothers, David and Peter Ricardo and families.

Montrose Dairy

Montrose Dairy is a family run farm business, managed by Graeme and Gill Nicoll. Some of land they farm is owned by them and some leased.  Follow this blog and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of dairy farming.

Mount Gnomon FARM

Eliza Wood and Guy Robertson raise old-fashioned breeds of livestock in Tasmania, so you can experience meat as it used to taste. Their animals live true free range lives, and are respected from paddock to plate. You can share their journey on their blog.

Nerd Farmer

The journey that I take transitioning from a web developer to a farmer and all the highs and lows that this brings. I love the freedom that my faith has brought me, and I want to share stories of this freedom from my own life and those around me. I’ll also share other things I think are interesting or funny and anything else that life may bring along the way.

Ochre Archives

The Ochre Archives blogsite enables a record of, and to share various learnings and experiences, many of which are connected with the farm “Ochre Arch” in Grenfell, Australia.

A Plain Perspective

Some thoughts on the vagaries of station life and the world we live in.

Ruby Hills Organics

Ruby Hills Organics share with you their experiences on their beautiful 250 acre Certified Biodynamic farm at Fish Creek in South Gippsland, Victoria

Rural Miss

A passionate farmer and photographer from Western Australia, whose loves in life include family, dogs, horse, farm, agriculture and capturing all of these in picture.

Signature Beef

Signature Beef is the culmination of four generations of the Angus Family’s continual dedication to produce the world’s best beef. With a surname steeped in beef history it was, in a way, inevitable that this proud tradition was passed down through our family. Family owned by Blair and Josie Angus and their four children and including CEO Tony Moore, Signature Beef is a company strong on tradition yet constantly looking forward with a culture of innovation.

Steph’s AgVentures

The ag-ventures of city girl who moved to the country.

The Stockman’s View

Jim ‘Ironbark’ McDonald: Growing up on his family’s beef farm in South Gippsland. Jim has travelled widely, working across the north of Australia in the cattle industry and in the pipeline construction industry. Jim currently works on the family farm but is often forced to find outside work to supplement his income.

Susan Kirk

Science journalist, Susan Kirk, shares the latest research in farming techniques on her blog.

The Milk Maid Marian

Marian Macdonald and her husband run a medium-sized farm in Gippsland, Victoria. Their farm is rain-fed rather than irrigated and has been in the family for generations. The aim of Marian’s blog is to help other Aussies get a taste of life on the land.

Tales of a Cotton Wife

Cotton and wheat growers from the Murray Darling Basin share an insight in to just how disconnected people’s perceptions are about farming and where our food comes from. They also share their current journey battling infertility and having to move 650kms to access specialist care.

Talking Fairleigh

Blogger, Alison Fairleigh, is a passionate advocate for rural communities and the provision of rural mental health services. In her blog, she discusses issues that are important to Australian farmers.

Telling Tales

Stories of food, teaching and the story of agriculture and its people.

Trio Angus

Trio Angus is a seedstock operation owned by Matt Cherry & Shelley Piper & is based near Cassilis in NSW.  They are passionate about the beef industry and breeding quality Angus cattle.