Our Mission

Husband and wife team, Nick Shady and Ayesha Hilton, founded Farmily Farming to support farming families to stay on the land for as long as possible and as happily as possible.

Our Family

Nick and Ayesha married in 2010 after meeting in 2008.  They had their son, Spencer,  just after Christmas in 2011, and Ayesha has a daughter Grace from a previous relationship.

They live together in Ballarat, about 75kms from their farm that is near the small town of Lismore. Nick commutes to the farm so that the children can access education and other extra curricular activities.

Ayesha’s dad, affectionately known as Grandpa, also lives with them in his little grandpa flat. The three generations live harmoniously together.

Nick’s dog, Holly, an energetic Jack Russell loves the farm and is an excellent sheep dog! She is a great companion for Nick during his long hours on the tractor.

Our Farm

Our farm is located about 75kms west of Melbourne near the small town of Listmore. We have two properties, Willowvale and Devlins, of about 2,000 acres. We farm cereal grains and seeds, including wheat, barely, and canola. We also grow legumes, such as peas, as a crop break. We also share farm on a local property. We have a few dozen sheep that keep the grass down around the house and sheds. Due to Nick commuting, it wasn’t viable for us to have too much stock as they require a lot of upkeep and attention.

About Ayesha & Nick

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